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Swim Meet 101

Swim Meet 101

Each swim meet occurs at a different location. Please keep an eye on your email the week of the swim meet for specific details.

Please make sure you check into the pool with our coaches upon arrival.


Please wear sunscreen

All Swimmers should be wearing a TEAM SUIT

All Swimmers with hair past their chin are required to wear a swim cap for the meet. We will have some to pass out.

What is my child swimming?

You can download the Swimtopia mobile app to see what your swimmer is entered in, or you can find the heat sheet attached to the weekly email before each meet. You can find your child’s name and see what events they are swimming there.

What to Bring to the Swim Meet:

towels (we recommend 2)

goggles (two pairs in case one breaks)

swim cap – if you do not have one, we will pass them out to you.

healthy snacks and drinks (lots of water)


chair (some pools do not have many chairs available for use during a meet)

blanket (or extra towel) for swimmer or family to sit on

Swimmer “Write Up” Info:

During a meet, every swimmer participating will get “written on” (literally marker on their arm or leg) in order to help our swimmers remember what races they are swimming and help our bullpen parents line our swimmers up correctly. See below to learn more about the write up.

(E) Event number

(H) Heat number

(L) Lane number - this number will be blank until you get to the pool.

Stroke - The swim coaches will email the swimmers’ events prior to each meet. With the exception of the lane assignment, the other information can be completed prior to coming to the pool. Permanent sharpie marker works best for this task.

How to decipher the Swimming Heat Sheet:

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The Decatur Gators Team is a member of the Atlanta Swim Association. 

The Atlanta Swim Association (ASA) is a grass roots program that introduces children to the sport of competitive swimming. We are focused on good sportsmanship, teamwork, and most importantly a fun experience for swimmers who are new to the sport. 

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